1/8/2006 rev 2

#6 Frame Mount Point

This is the frame bracket used on all the slant window cars. It gets mounted just ahead of the rear running board bracket.
The 3 mounting holes may exist on many late 1930 to 1931 cars. Keep in mind this started with the Victoria body.
I got lucky and bought a frame that had the 3 holes and did not even know I needed them.

It is interesting that I have had to explain this to some very knowledgeable model A people. This is a little detail many do not know about and I have to admit it is obscure. These brackets are way more common than you think, but most do not know they exist. So when you go looking for them people who know charge quite a bit for them. Once you know what you are looking for they can be bought for $10 to $20 ea. Usually they are on a table and the guy has no idea what he has. Some dealers will charge as much as $50 ea for these brackets. I had time and knew they were more common so I waited, so far I have come across 3 sets that I have bought and have seen at least 5 other sets. One set I bought I happened to notice on a frame someone was Ebaying. The frame did not sell so I asked if they would sell the brackets to me. BTW, if you really need a set contact Bert's in CO as they seem to have them- they are pricey, but not unreasonable as compared to others.

I made one up out of a piece of scrap I had laying around. It happend to be close in thickness and width.
This bracket is not easly seen so you can get away with a lot of error. I just carefully marked the 3 rivet
holes after lining up the tops as this would be the critical dimension to get correct. I then rolled the original bracket
over and my the hole for the body bolt. I also traced the outline so I could make it look right. I made the rivet holes
exactly where they needed to be and the bracket would have worked great. I bought a pair of original brackets since
so I will not use the one I made up.

Here are some more pictures:

Here you can see where it is mounted on the frame. You are looking at the rear running board brace. The front of the frame goes to the left so the #6 bracket is mounted just in front of the rear running board bracket. The rivet holes in the frame are set up with two at the top and one at the bottom.