10/9/2006 rev .5

I am looking for seat springs and wood base for my slant window cabriolet. These are the same as late 31 coupe springs and possibly 32 coupe springs.

Pleases note, Slant Window Sedan owners, I may also be able to modify springs from a slant window sedan front seat and I need your help, could you please take the time to measure your front seat springs. This kind of information would be valuable to many other people.

I also would like to explore the possibility of using slant window sedan front seat springs. It is likely the coils and overall sizes are the same, but the outer wire frame will have a different shape. If someone with a slant window fordor that has the bare springs open could please take a set of measurements as layed out in the following picture.


The slant window seat frames are mounted lower to the sills and so the seat springs are taller than earlier coupe seats. The later coupe seat bottom springs were offset so the channels that held the bottom of the springs are depressed into the rectangular opening of the wood spring base. For the new style seat frame with the ratcheting seat adjuster the center set of coils did not have the depression to make room for the seat adjuster. This flat center section will be a clue that a seat spring is for the late seat frame. The wood spring base will have two counter bores drilled to allow clearance for the seat adjuster nuts. This can be seen in the this picture.

I have a seat back that is most likely from a 32 seat. It will work, but it is different in its construction. Here is what a correct seat back spring would be like. A 32 seat frame is almost the same, but... In this picture of a correct late 31 seat back the top of the springs are connected by oval shaped wire loops. On the 32 frame the oval wire loops are replaced with coil springs. In this picture you can see the bottom of the springs are held in place with channels that run left to right. On the 32 seat frame the channels run top to bottom.

I am looking to purchase a set of springs and wood base that match what I have in these photos. I have some decent original coupe springs and a very nice 30 roadster seat bottom for trade. If it appears that I could modify a slant window sedan seat bottom than I would also be interested in purchasing a slant window sedan seat bottom (and back if it is close enough).


A special thanks to Marco Tahtaras for the photos and the details.